I'm Ophelia, a recent Media Studies with Visual Cultures graduate. I live in a small town in South Wales where I spend my day to day life as a banker but my love for beauty products and fashion items is what led me to create my blog. I love trialling any products out and the amount I buy made me think that having my own little section of the internet to rant and rave may just bring some help to others.
I think the word I get described as most is 'kooky', which I'm pretty sure is a nice way of calling a person weird but I'm happy to roll with it. Apart from makeup, I'm a big pop punk music fan and love going to any music event. I'm also a self confessed hair dye addict and I'm constantly switching up my style, my job has however put a stop to my mission for pink hair and a Medusa piercing. I also collect Wonder Woman comics, being a short and scrawny girl, something about an Amazonian kicking butt is something I've been a fan of for years now.
I have a pet rabbit and cat who I'm sure will be making appearances on here from time to time.

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