Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I love Illamasqua!

Illamasqua is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands and when they recently hit 50,000 followers on Twitter they gave a one day only code which was a 50% discount. I was screaming with excitement on the inside... and a little on the outside. I had so much on my wish list and narrowed it down to these three products; Gleam Highlight in Aurora, Cream Pigment in Hollow and their Eye Brow Cake in Thunder. If I had more money at the time I also would have picked up the Neutral Palette and their Brow and Lash Gel :(

The highlight was definitely an impulse purchase. I saw it + it was pretty + it got added to basket = my way of shopping (Who's with me, eh?). But I would go as far to say that this is one of the nicest highlighters on the market. Also, being a cream product means it work well with my dry skin, giving the most beautiful sheen to the face without looking overdone.
I had the Cream Pigment in Hollow on my wishlist for sometime after hearing it was a great contour colour for us ghostly white gals instead of bronzer, which it definitely is. The colour has none of those bright orange undertones and just subtly defines cheekbones easily. I get a bit worried about cream contours as I always think it'll be too creamy and the brush will pick up too much product and I'll end up looking ridiculous but the consistency of this is just right.
Saving the best till last. I fell in love with the Eyebrow Cake in Thunder from first use. I tend to just run a eyeshadow colour through my brows but this gives a completely different look to my brows even though it is essentially a powder shadow as well. It makes them look so much more full and filled in and just awesome, but not slug like (top notch!). This is a dark brown shade and my hair is naturally dark brown and this matches perfectly with no orangey undertones. I'm a bit OCD with my brows, i'm definitely not an over plucker as I love my brows at my natural fullness but I like having them as neat as possible and this is just making them look a million times better than before.

If you've never delved into Illamasqua products then I cannot encourage you enough. They really are just insanely beautiful and some of the best out there.


Highlighter used with Real Techniques Setting Brush, Cream Pigment used with Real Techniques Contour Brush and Eyebrow Caked used with Crown Deluxe Angled Liner Brush.