Sunday, 24 March 2013

A New Addition To The Family

Hello! A slightly different post from me today, as I would like to introduce you all to my lovely bunny, Moogle. I picked him up from the adoption section at Pets At Home on the 8th March. He'd been in the store for roughly 5 months and as he's quite a large bunny, they had so much trouble trying to find him a home that they had to put him up for adoption instead of the usually process of buying one for £25 there. I fell in love with him instantly, he has huge ears and is quite a sociable little bugger. It took him a few days to settle in but now he thinks he's running the show. He is quite a fatty and gobbles down his food like he's never been fed before and enjoys gnawing the bars of his cage at 6 in the morning. He's definitely a character and loves to run around causing mischief. He's a very welcomed addition to my home, especially since moving out of my family home as I've really been missing the company of a pet.
He'll probably become quite a featured face on this blog so I look forward to making a few posts including my Moogle but for now I hope you're all well and will leave you with this picture of him eating his lettuce (nom!).

(Also, if you want to see more of Moogle you could follow me on Instagram - okay_ophelia, where I'm sure there'll soon be a ton of photos of him.)