Thursday, 1 November 2012

Girl Crush - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is most recognisable as being one of the Burberry models. Usually I'm lusting after the amazing trench coats when I see the adverts but I was lusting over Cara's phenomenal make-up, eyebrows, hair, cheek bones etc. At only 20 (the same age as me, wahey) I feel her look is definitely one I can adapt for myself. Her amazing brown smokey eye makeup has really influenced the look I have been going for recently. Plus, she's a strong brow chick and I do love a strong eyebrow, maybe not as strong as hers, but you know. I also love her casual style of t-shirts and leather jackets which is right up my street as that's all I really wear. Also, talk about major hair envy. I've been debating going back to me beloved blonde locks for a while now but her hair has real tipped in the favour of this, however I am going to go a few shades darker than what I normally would as I think a darker blonde will suit my complection a lot better than bright blonde hair.

Anywho, hope you're all well.