Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Post #3

This week I have finally gotten around to booking a week of work - thank God. I've got to wait it out till the end of April but it's going to be pure joy when it finally comes around. I've booked tickets so I can visit London at the start of the week, my shopping saving fund is now in full swing and I expect to see most of it disappear in Vcitoria's Secret and Topshop and I am nothing but happy about it. 
This weekend, I went in to Cardiff on a mission for some Spring like clothes. I'm not one for colour and seem to permanently live in black clothes so thought I should try and make them slightly more suitable for the (hopefully) soon to be changing weather. I picked up two crop tops, a white t-shirt style one from H&M for £3.99 and a black and white gingham print one from New Look for £9.99. In New Look I also got this big black jewelled necklace for £12.99 and thought it would look great over plain t-shirts to make them look a bit more intersting. I've been desperate for a little wool hat for ages after initially seeing one in Topshop but begrudged paying £25 for it so when I saw this one in H&M for £7.99 I snapped it up and then took many photos posing in it. My last purchase was this palm tree top from Topshop, I love this palm tree print that seems to be everywhere at the moment and the colours of this were right up my street, I also love the thick material of this top so I feel for £20 it's really reasonable.
As for today, I plan on eating too much fudge and watching the new Thor movie in my pyjamas - always an adventurous Sunday. 

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