Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Topshop Ambush Boots!

Aren't my new boots beautiful?! I picked these up about two weeks ago in Topshop and they are the Ambush boots. I've been trying to find the perfect ankle boots for a while now, the Allegras seemed to sweep everyone off their feet but they weren't really my style, from my personal view when I tried them on they looked a little too chunky with my skinny jeans and I soon came across these babies! They come in at £75 (but there is 20% off in Topshop till midnight on Sunday for students!). Plus, have any of you noticed how similar these are to the fabulous Acne Pistol boots? Which seem to be a favourite of Keira Knightlet at the moment.

They really suprised me with how comfy they are, they don't rub anywhere and the heel is the right height as to not make the ball of your feet ache. I love the fact that they have zips on both sides, it's a really nice unique touch. I also really like the slightly worn look to the front of them. I am yet to master the art of running in heels so these have not been worn on any of my communicating adventures yet but I I love just walking around town in them and when I go out with my mates in the evenings. I keep pairing these with my skinny jeans, usually my black or dark green ones and a leather jacket. I think it's fair to say that it's love.

Much Love