Monday, 17 June 2013

University - I've Only Gone And Bloody Finished

I can't believe that I have actually finished university. It's been a very hard 3 years but it's been worth every second. I had an amazing time, met the best people and even got a boyfriend during it all (no photos of him in this though) - top notch.
Thought I'd share some photos from my three years I've spent here. In two weeks I move out of my last ever student house, where I live with two of my friends and my boyfriend so I'm dreading move out day, lucky the boy doesn't live far from me at all and we're also viewing some potential grown up houses for us this week.
All in all, university was an amazing experience. The work is hard but the experience is fantastic. For those starting uni this year all I can say is to remember to enjoy your spare time with your friends. Also - buy multiple saucepans, baking trays and a butt load of cutlery.
Now it's time to find myself a good job and be a little bit more of a grown up, but not much more.

Hope you're all well and good luck to those starting and finishing uni.

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