Monday, 1 April 2013

A Hairstyle Ramble

I'm definitely known for switching my hair colour and style up often. My problem is I get bored of my hair so quick, since I was about 13 no hairstyle has been sported for more than a year, tops. I'm a natural brunette and the most common hair length I've stuck with is shoulder length.
2008 (I must have been about 15) is the oldest photo I can find but this seems pretty close to my natural colour and the style I use to go for more often than not. But of course, I had to experiment with being a blondie when I was 17. This only stuck around for about 6 months before I decided that I wanted to look like Frankie from The Saturdays, lopping it all off and dying it back dark brown. Instant regret filled me up and since 2010 I have been trying to grow my hair out. I experimented with extensions (2011) as soon as my hair was long enough to scrape back again. In 2012 it finally reached a length that I deemed acceptable and could finally play about with again. So at the beginning of this year I decided that I wanted a change and died a dark blonde with lighter blonde highlights running through the bottom half of my hair, and also I've opted for a side fringe again.

But, the time has come again that I'm craving something new. My hair is currently the longest it has been since I was about 12 and I have vowed never to cut it short again. Instead, I want really long hair, I may even part with my beloved side fringe, opting for a middle parting. I'm also thinking about going a really dark brown colour with a few lighter colours run through the ends, a la Megan Fox.

What do you guys think? I hope my hair ramble wasn't too long. Do any of you guys change your hair up like me?


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